Java WebSocket API Handbook

The book is what it says it is - a handbook, a quick reference, a fast track guide. It covers the nitty gritty of the Java API for WebSocket: a Java based standard (specification) for building WebSocket based application

Last updated 3 years ago


REST assured with JAX-RS

This book covers the nitty gritty of JAX-RS: a standards based Java framework for building RESTful web services. It can help you speak HTTP (the language of the web) using Java

Last updated 2 years ago


EJB Annotations Primer

From a Java EE developer standpoint, the real magic of EJBs lies in its annotation driven programming model. This is personified by its API layout which consists of 32 annotations. Investing some time in getting a strong

Last updated 3 years ago


Practical Redis

A hands-on, code-driven guide to Redis. The applications in the book are written in Go and run using Docker Compose

Last updated a year ago