Andres C. Rodriguez P.


Linux Inside

A series of posts about the linux kernel and its insides.

Last updated 15 days ago


Heap Exploitation

This book on heap exploitation is a guide to understanding the internals of glibc's heap. It also describes, in detail, various attacks possible on the heap structure.

Last updated 5 months ago


EDK II UEFI Driver Writer's Guide

Last updated 2 years ago


Lessons on the development of 64-bit C/C++ applications

The course is devoted to the creation of 64-bit applications in C/C++ language, and is intended for Windows developers who use the Visual Studio 2005/2008/2010 environment.

Last updated 3 years ago


Creating Controls in Assembler

Custom control creation using the win32 API and Masm assembler

Last updated 2 years ago


A Tour Beyond BIOS – Memory Protection in UEFI BIOS

This document will have a comprehensive discussion of the Data execution protection (DEP) adoption in the current UEFI firmware to harden the pre-boot phase

Last updated 3 years ago