Alexandre Marcondes

Executive Coach and IT Consultant. Este é meu perfil pessoal, os checkins vão para @arlm_checkins

The Psychopath Code

Don't look for serial killers… one in 25 of the people around you is a psychopath, hiding and living a secret life. Psychopaths take what they want, using their charm and wits. They feel only the emotions of a predator.

Last updated 4 years ago


Culture & Empire

The whole planet is getting connected, and building vast new communities. The on-line world thinks faster, and thinks different. Smart, fast, and creative, these new communities are a real challenge to old power and old

Last updated 4 years ago


Learning C with Pebble

Learn the C programming language by creating awesome apps for the Pebble smartwatch.

Last updated 4 years ago


GitBook Test

A GitBook created to test various modules.

Last updated 4 years ago


OWASP DevGuide V3

Last updated 3 years ago