Coding & Cocktails

An introductory series for women to learn to code over cocktails. A program by Kansas City Women in Technology.


Archive- Session 8: Intro to Package Managers: npm

Understand the purpose of npm (package manager for Node.js) and become comfortable using it.

Last updated a year ago


The Liquor: Introduction to JavaScript

Learn the foundations of programming and the basics of JavaScript.

Last updated 4 months ago


Enjoy: CodeJam

Pull together everything you learned by creating your own site in a micro-Hackathon format.

Last updated a year ago


Archive- Session 7: Programming Concepts 102: JavaScript

Practice common programming concepts using JavaScript.

Last updated a year ago


The Rocks: Command Line Basics And Introduction To Git

Practice getting comfortable with interacting with the filesystem in a text based way and apply those skills to use a version control tool called Git.

Last updated 10 months ago


The Garnish: Introduction To CSS

Add visual appeal to your web page by learning the basics of CSS.

Last updated 24 days ago