Linux Inside

A series of posts about the linux kernel and its insides.

Last updated 3 months ago


The Internals of Apache Spark

Taking notes about the core of Apache Spark while exploring the lowest depths of the amazing piece of software (towards its mastery)

Last updated 3 months ago


http2 explained

A detailed document describing HTTP/2, the background, concepts, protocol, existing implementations and the future.

Last updated a year ago


LLVM: Implementing a Language

Port of web tutorial at

Last updated 6 years ago


Android ROM Developers' Manual

Ever wanted to know how the Android operating system works? How your phone boots up? Or how things are working under the hood of your phone? Want to build a ROM for your phone? This book is for you.

Last updated 5 years ago



An introduction to RxJava from a JavaFX perspective, as well as comprehensive coverage of RxJavaFX and RxKotlinFX API's

Last updated 3 years ago