Linux Inside

A series of posts about the linux kernel and its insides.

Last updated 2 months ago


react-native training

I use this book to train my team, help them to know how to build React-native app in the right way.Any help will be appreciated :)

Last updated a year ago


React Enlightenment

A thoughtful and complete introduction to React. Written by Cody Lindley sponsored by

Last updated 9 months ago


C++ Best Practices

Best practices for ensuring high quality C++ code. This book has now inspired a video series from O'Reilly called "Learning C++ Best Practices."

Last updated 2 months ago


Pro Git

A GitBook version of the famous Pro Git book written by Scott Chacon.

Last updated 3 years ago


LLVM: Implementing a Language

Port of web tutorial at

Last updated 5 years ago