Hantsy Bai

Self-employed technical consultant, solution architect, full stack developer, agile coach, and code mentor.

The Internals of Apache Spark

Taking notes about the core of Apache Spark while exploring the lowest depths of the amazing piece of software (towards its mastery)

Last updated 6 months ago


Building Web Apps with Go

Learn how to build and deploy web applications with Go.

Last updated 4 years ago


Java WebSocket API Handbook

The book is what it says it is - a handbook, a quick reference, a fast track guide. It covers the nitty gritty of the Java API for WebSocket: a Java based standard (specification) for building WebSocket based application

Last updated 3 years ago


REST assured with JAX-RS

This book covers the nitty gritty of JAX-RS: a standards based Java framework for building RESTful web services. It can help you speak HTTP (the language of the web) using Java

Last updated 2 years ago