Python 3 Basics Tutorial

Course material for beginners of Python 3. The tutorial covers the basics of the language and is spiced up with interactive warm-up exercises and quiz questions after each section.

Last updated a year ago


Python Basics

Syntax, working with Shell commands, Files, Text Processing, and more...

Last updated 6 months ago


Red Programming Language

Official documentation for the Red programming language

Last updated 13 days ago


Build Applications in Python the anti textbook

An easy to understand introduction to the Python programming language by using examples. You will build a command line iodo list manager after you understand the basics of the language. Please have a Python 3 interpreter

Last updated 2 years ago


Python 3 Reference

Descriptions and examples of common Python 3 commands for beginners.

Last updated 9 months ago


Pony Tutorial

Pony Language Tutorial

Last updated 2 years ago