Python 3 Basics Tutorial

Course material for beginners of Python 3. The tutorial covers the basics of the language and is spiced up with interactive warm-up exercises and quiz questions after each section.

Last updated 2 years ago


Python Basics

Syntax, working with Shell commands, Files, Text Processing, and more...

Last updated 5 months ago


Red Programming Language

Official documentation for the Red programming language

Last updated 3 days ago


Build Applications in Python the anti textbook

An easy to understand introduction to the Python programming language by using examples. You will build a command line iodo list manager after you understand the basics of the language. Please have a Python 3 interpreter

Last updated 5 months ago


Python 3 Reference

Descriptions and examples of common Python 3 commands for beginners.

Last updated 4 months ago


Pony Tutorial

Pony Language Tutorial

Last updated 2 years ago