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Last updated 2 years ago


An Introduction to Elm

A guide that covers all the major aspects of Elm.

Last updated a year ago


Pro Git

A GitBook version of the famous Pro Git book written by Scott Chacon.

Last updated 4 years ago


5 Algorithms Every Web Developer Can Use and Understand

A short primer on when & how to harness the power of algorithms for web developers.

Last updated 5 years ago


The Ultimate Question of Programming, Refactoring, and Every

The book covers 42 recommendations about programming in C/C++. It contains real examples with errors and the author gives explanations of how these bugs could be avoided.

Last updated 3 years ago


HTTP/3 explained

The HTTP/3 and QUIC internet transfer protocols. Why, how they work, protocol details, the implementations and more.

Last updated 6 months ago