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Improved GitHub integration

Our GitHub integration is now ready for large teams!

GitBook Editor: WYSIWYM, a new editing experience

We are delighted to release the newer version of the GitBook Editor!

Disable e-books to focus on your web documentation

From today onwards, decide which publishing format matters to you.

Lightning fast hosting with free HTTPS for all

Today we’re shipping the single biggest improvement ever to our content host, all content will now be served through our speedy global CDN, at no additional cost for all users.

Editor: Conflict resolution UI

Merge conflicts are now a little less scary, thanks to our new Editor !

Import Word and Docbook documents

Migrating from Microsoft Word or Docbook to has never been that easy !

Deprecation Notice: Paid Books & Landing Pages

Paid books and landing pages are now deprecated features and will be removed in 30 days (14th of February 2016).

GitBook Editor: Download the beta 5.0

We’re looking for beta-testers to give us feedback on the newest GitBook Editor beta.