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Builds: Default & whitelisted branches

GitBook now plays nicely with non-default branch setups !

Webhooks: Slack + GitBook = ♥

Today we’re excited to release Webhooks. A simple but powerful way for developers to extend!

Introducing Discussions and Comments

Collaboration just got that much better thanks to “Comments” and “Discussions” !

Build Status on GitHub Pull-Requests

GitBook now displays beautiful status indicators on your GitHub Pull-Requests.

GitBook Editor 4.1.0 is out !

We’re proud to release version 4.1.0 of the GitBook Editor !

Custom domains for private and paid books

Custom domains are now enabled for private and paid books.

Books on served under HTTPS

Starting today, we’re enabling HTTPS for all books served on

GitBook Desktop is back on Mac, Windows and Linux !

The desktop editor that many of you loved and cherished is back ! This new release has tons of new features and improvements that you’ll definitely want to try out.