Dale Sande and Kianosh Pourian: writing 'Sass in the real world'

Dale Sande and Kianosh Pourian have found in Gitbook all the essential tools allowing them to succeed in their journey as self publishers

Dale Sande

Joining the Gitbook community is a real game changer for authors willing to embrace the digital era. Dale Sande and Kianosh Pourian experienced it when they decided in june 2014 to publish a series of tech related publications featuring education on web design.

Sass in the real world, a series of 4 books, is a focus on web-design using Sass meant to gather in one publication all the essentials of Sass stylesheet language development. The Gitbook platform has allowed them to keep control over their books’ content, both already commercialized. They plan on publishing two more in the following months.

Dale is deeply involved in the Sass community as a core contributor to SassMeister and as the author of an advanced video course on TreeHouse. He splits his time between San Francisco where he works as a UI Architect for AppDirect and Seattle where he is a Front-End Developer instructor for Code Fellows.

It is always interesting to understand how actual users perceive a product. In Dale’s case, publishing on Gitbook has proven to be as easy as publishing an application. As a writer he can focus on the essential: writing. The numerous features available on the website provide all the support necessary making the process of editing accessible to anyone.

Whether you are looking to write, publish or distribute, a whole range of features is available to guide you in your journey as a digital author. From day one, Dale and Kianosh were quickly able to put their book together using the editor and end up with an ebook ready to sell. Coupon codes for example provided them with an efficient way to promote the book within different communities (Dale’s students, etc…). For their second publication the mailing feature integrated in GitBook along with coupon codes made it easy to promote the new book to readers of the first volume.

According to Dale, all of these features make Gitbook an increasingly easy and efficient platform to work with.

We are really proud to count Dale and Kianosh among our authors and wish them the best for their upcoming projects; we can’t wait to learn more about Sass with Sass in the real world!

You can read Sass in the real world book 1 of 4 and Sass in the real world book 2 of 4 online. You can follow Dale (@anotheruiguy) and Kianosh (@kianoshp) on Twitter.

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