Jumpstart your book and get started in seconds with templates

GitBook is used by thousands of authors, for a wide range of books, novels, programming or science books, essays and all other kinds of books, users are discovering new and brilliant ways to use GitBook every day.

Template Selection

So wether you’re in search of inspiration, or simply want to get started writing as soon as possible, you’ll love GitBook templates, simply choose the kind of book you’re interested in writing and GitBook will setup all the defaults automatically for you, saving both your precious time and energy.

To start it off, we’re introducing four different templates today covering common use cases: * Basic: the simplest kind of book, pre-populated with a single chapter * Science: everything you need to write beautiful equations and perform other math related tasks * Exercises: sets you up, so you can write innovative interactive programming exercises for your readers, great for teaching * Quizzes: get started with writing courses and other material, where you can challenge readers with engaging and quizzes relevnt to your content, great for educational content

As GitBook grows, the kind of books authors write will grow and diversify, staying true to our promise of keeping things simple for authors, we’ll add additional templates to suit your needs !

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