Disable e-books to focus on your web documentation

From today onwards, decide which publishing format matters to you.

A bit of history

Until now, each document published on GitBook.com was automatically generated as a website and as E-Books. These include the PDF, MOBI and EPUB formats.

While this feature might be crucial if you are publishing a public manual, experience has shown that the E-Book format is not relevant for all kind of documentation.

The E-Books option

That’s why all books now have the option to enable E-Books publishing in one click. Disabled by default for newly created books, you can find it in your book’s settings page.

E-Books option

Depending on your use-case, disabling this option can make your content published up to 4 times faster.

No change for existing books

If you are a regular user of GitBook.com, we thought about you and will not disturb your habits.

This option will be activated by default on all of your existing books.

It is now up to you to decide!

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