Lightning fast hosting with free HTTPS for all

Today we’re shipping the single biggest improvement ever to our content host, all content will now be served through our speedy global CDN, at no additional cost for all users.

Global CDN

Automatic and free SSL

GitBook users have benefited from HTTPS on * for a while now. HTTPS is increasingly more important in a world where privacy and security matters more than ever.

That’s why starting today, all content, even custom domains (e.g: will have automatic HTTPS, no configuration required, courtesy of Lets Encrypt.


Our CDN integrates the latest cutting edge HTTP2 protocol, significantly improving load times for modern mobile and desktop browsers.

HTTP2 reduces latency and improves loading sites with many resources or images, so you can build rich, beautiful content that loads in a blink of an eye.

What’s next

The GitBook team has been hard at work this summer, building major features and improvements we know you’ll love. The Editor and have been re-engineered to provide you the best possible experience.

Stay tuned !

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