Deprecation Notice: Paid Books & Landing Pages

Paid books and landing pages are now deprecated features and will be removed in 30 days (14th of February 2016).

We decided to deprecate these features, so that we can focus on what makes GitBook special. Helping teams and individuals write, publish and manage their content collaboratively.

Sell your GitBook on Gumroad

Moving forward, paid books will be replaced by superior 3rd party integrations. We’re providing a migration path to existing users through a first Gumroad integration.

Gumroad’s mission is to help creators sell their digital work and grow their audience. Enabling GitBook users to make a private GitBook available for sale on Gumroad.

Paid books on will be converted to private books (for free), and existing customers will keep their read access thanks to Access Keys.

If you need help setting up your paid book on GumRoad, please contact us.

Landing Pages

Custom landing pages were introduced over a year ago as a marketing feature, allowing Authors to showcase their paid books using a personalized page.

Landing pages were deprecated a few months ago, but are now officially deprecated alongside paid books. In 30 days, all landing pages will be redirected to your book’s homepage.

We are available to help authors transition their landing page to an hosting solution such as GitHub Pages (using the same theme, custom domain, etc).

Moving forward

Deprecating these features allows us to stay focused, and move faster on building the best platform to write and collaborate on content.

Stay tuned !

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