Webhooks: Slack + GitBook = ♥

Today we’re excited to release Webhooks. A simple but powerful way for developers to extend GitBook.com!


Webhooks are an easy way to send information from one app to another. Starting today, authors can configure webhooks in their book settings.

Webhooks dashboard

Once you’ve added a webhook, GitBook.com will deliver a payload over a HTTP POST, for each subscribed event. The “deliveries” panel helps you track and troubleshoot webhook payloads.

Slack Integration

Along with Webhooks we are releasing our first integration: Slack.

Slack integration

Our Slack integration posts updates and your book’s overall activity to a channel of your choice. Instructions on how to install and use this integration can be found in the GitHub repository: GitbookIO/services-slack. Pull requests and feedback are welcome !

Build your own gitbook service

You might already have a few ideas of cool features that could be built with WebHooks! WebHooks are simple but incredibly flexible you could build anything from a serialized publishing mailing list to a gitbook linter (that highlights stylistic regressions) or pretty much anything else !

If you feel inspired, take a look at the slack integration and get coding :)

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