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Build Status on GitHub Pull-Requests

GitBook now displays beautiful status indicators on your GitHub Pull-Requests.

Custom domains for private and paid books

Custom domains are now enabled for private and paid books.

Books on served under HTTPS

Starting today, we’re enabling HTTPS for all books served on

Better Themes for Landing pages

Landing pages are an important part of our marketing features, today we are releasing improved default themes.

Branch builds

GitBook now automatically builds branches, a great feature for teams working with multiple branches at once.

Import your GitHub/Git repository

GitHub integration is a feature developers love, so we’ve made it even easier for devs to import books from GitHub.

Editor: Proofreading & Spellcheck

The editor is an essential part of the GitBook experience, authors need great tools to write their content. We’ve now integrated proofreading and spell checking directly into the editor, providing authors instant and valuable feedback as they type.

Introducing Organizations and Teams

Many authors use GitBook as part of a team (company/university/…) collaboratively authoring books or documentation together. A highly requested feature was to be able structure those teams inside GitBook, this is now possible !