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Searching GitBook

Today we are annoucing a big improvement to our search service. We are now following GitHub and Google’s search query syntax to empower you to run advanced queries and compose filters.

New Purchase experience with Gumroad

GitBook is partnering with Gumroad to sell paid books.

Browse GitBook from your favorite reading application

During the last month, more than a thousand books have been published to GitBook, today we are releasing an OPDS feed to browse the GitBook library.

Jumpstart your book and get started in seconds with templates

GitBook is used by thousands of authors, for a wide range of books, novels, programming or science books, essays and all other kinds of books, users are discovering new and brilliant ways to use GitBook every day.

Contact authors directly from GitBook

Readers can now contact authors directly from their books’ homepages.

Landing page for books: Themes and Domain names

Authors can now customize their book’s homepage with personalized branding and custom domain names.

Notification messages for readers

Authors can now create automated messages that will be sent to every new reader of a paid book.

Math in your ebooks using KaTeX

GitBook (1.1.0) now supports KaTeX as a replacement to MathJax, giving you beautiful pre-rendered math that is eBook compatible!