2014: Year in Review

2014 has been GitBook’s first year. In just a few months, we’ve grown to a community of over 20,000 authors (and growing), reaching more than half a million ebook downloads and ten millions book views.


2014 has been a crazy but wonderful year, it’s crazy to think that at the beginning of this year GitBook didn’t even exist, and in just about 6 months it’s progressed from an idea to a fully functional product helping thousands of authors daily.

We’re grateful to all our users that are part of this journey with us, we’re improving the writing experience for thousands of authors thanks to your feedback and support. 2015 has just begun and a full year of progress awaits us as a product and as a community.

Let’s take a look back at 2014 and what we’ve accomplished together, before seeing what awaits in 2015 :

2014 in Review

  • GitBook Format/Toolchain : Samy and I release the open GitBook format and toolchain, prototyped over a weekend. But quickly matures thanks to your input and contributions.
  • GitBook Desktop Editor : We release the GitBook Editor for Windows, Linux and Mac
  • The GitBook Platform : We launch GitBook.io, a platform to host and build gitbooks
  • Building, Hosting, Payments : The GitBook platform ships book building, hosting, payments … oh my !
  • Themes and book landing pages : Authors now have their own custom landing page for each book, allowing them to theme and style with their own branding
  • Deep Git/GitHub Integration : This was quite a big feature that we shipped behind the scenes, all GitBooks are now stored as Git repositories while working in sync and harmony with your GitHub hosted repositories. Expect to see more Git wonders in 2015 !
  • Web Editor : Due to your request, we build and ship a web based version of our editor, simplifying the onboarding experience and allowing anyone to benefit from the GitBook workflow, no downloads or setup needed.
  • Advanced Search : You can now run advanced queries over all public books on our platform
  • Distribution : Distribution is now in Beta, contact us if you want to try it out. We now ship books to Google’s play Store, Gumroad and more to come !

2015 Preview

2015 will be a busy year, we’ve got many long awaited features and surprises planned ! Here’s a few that will be comming very soon :

  • Enterprise : Mid January, we will start shipping the first releases of GitBook Enterprise, an enterprise grade documentation solution, that allows enterprises to collaborate and work efficiently on documentation. It’s simple and pleasant to use. We ship industry standard VM images to our clients for a no hassle setup, so they can enjoy the GitBook experience behind the firewall !
  • Distribution : is in Beta right now. We are quickly growing our support for 3rd party marketplaces, and you will soon be able to ship your books to Amazon, Google and iBooks, with little more than the click of a button. No hassle, no need to deal with ISBNs or anything else, we deal with that for you.
  • Collaboration : is a beautiful and empowering thing. Software developers and the software community as a whole have greatly benefited from simplified collaboration thanks to GitHub, I think it’s time authors join the party.
  • Your feature ? : That’s right, here at GitBook, we love feedback, if you have an idea or feature request that you would like to see in GitBook this year, we would love to hear it !

Thank you for making 2014 such an awesome year, let’s make 2015 an even better one together !

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