Introducing the GitBook Editor 1.0.0

We just released the version 1.0.0 of the GitBook Editor. This version includes many improvements, stability and some sizeable changes.

GitBook Editor screenshot

GitBook Version 1.0.0

This version of the editor uses the lastest GitBook release 1.0.0.

Start with a template

This version makes it easier to start a new book thanks to predefined templates such as: Exercises, Quizzes or Science.

Math equation previews

With this release, it’s significantly easier to write scientific books, the editor shows you realtime renders of your equations (Tex formulas).

GitBook Editor screenshot

Keyboard Shortcuts

Actions Shortcut keys
Bold ctrl/cmd + B
Italic ctrl/cmd + I
Strikethrough Alt + Shift + 5
Heading 1 ctrl/cmd + Alt + 1
Heading 2 ctrl/cmd + Alt + 2
Heading 3 ctrl/cmd + Alt + 3
Heading 4 ctrl/cmd + Alt + 4
Numbered List ctrl/cmd + Alt + 7
Bulleted List ctrl/cmd + Alt + 8
Insert Link ctrl/cmd + K
Code ctrl/cmd + Alt + 9


You can now build your book’s glossary directly from the editor. This can be done using the “Book” menu or directly from the article’s content by selecting a term and clicking on the “Glossary” icon.


This release also ships with a plugin manager, you can add/remove/configure/install plugins.

How do I get it?

GitBook Editor will automatically signal you that a newer version is available. Or visit to download the latest release.

The future

Moving forward, we have some awesome UX improvements to the Editor lined up, making the writing experience even easier! There’s also good news for mobile lovers, we’re currently considering expanding the editor to more platforms.

As always at GitBook, we love hearing your feedback! So if you have an idea for an awesome feature, or how to make the editor even better, shoot us an email at !

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