GitBook Editor 4.1.0 is out !

We’re proud to release version 4.1.0 of the GitBook Editor !

You can grab the new release through the auto-updater on Windows and Mac; or download it at for Linux. The new release is already live on the web !

Our focus was to improve productivity and overall stability.

TeX highlighting

Scientists and researchers around the world use GitBook everyday, writing long & complex TeX equations isn’t always easy … but it’s now much more enjoyable thanks to in editor highlighting !

Math in editor

Keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are loved by advanced writers, it’s one of the many keys to productivity. Our default shortcuts now follow familiar industry standards !

If you like to customize things and have your own favorite shortcuts, you can change our defaults in the settings:

Record keyboard shortcuts

A beautiful right-click menu

The new context menu makes it easier than ever to format your Markdown/AsciiDoc text, a right click, a left click and you’re done !

Context menu

Bug fixes and improvements

We also ship a few minor but nice improvements: * The editor remembers your layout between session * Fixed upload from desktop * Better offline detection (GitBook won’t check for updates when you’re offline)

Thanks for your continued feedback and support ! Let us know what you would like to see in the next release !

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