GitBook Editor: Download the beta 5.0

We’re looking for beta-testers to give us feedback on the newest GitBook Editor beta.

Today we are releasing a beta version of our latest editor. This new version includes some major improvements and new features that we’re sure you’ll love !



First and foremost we’re shipping a better Markdown editor, with WYSIWYG-like features that merges the previous editing and preview panes. Rendering helpful inline previews of math, images and links.

Math Editing

Commit multiple files at once

Many of you wanted more control over your commits, we heard you and with the help of some code made that happen, you can now commit multiple files at once and enter a custom commit message !

Commit Files

Authors can disable “Auto-commit” from the settings dialog. Once a file is modified, you can commit changes by clicking the “Commit” button and entering a short description of your changes.

You can now revert changes to a specific file or all files (from the files tree).

Login with GitHub

Authenticating in the editor is much simpler; you can now signup and login directly from it using your GitHub, Facebook, Twitter or GitBook account.

Download it!

This version is still a pre-release, it may be unstable and have bugs. Give the new features a try and please share your feedback.

Download beta version of the editor!

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