GitBook Editor: WYSIWYM, a new editing experience

We are delighted to release the newer version of the GitBook Editor!

What you see, is what you mean

This is the core feature of the new Editor. We have been working hard to remove the preview and make editing documents seamless and beautiful.

You do not have to see the Markdown syntax anymore. Documents are displayed to reflect what any writer should focus on: the structure and content.

Screenshot: WYSIWYM

Automatic files management

We made our best to spare you from managing the book’s files yourself. Now you can forget about files and focus on your content. Files are created automatically as you create articles and images are organised into an assets folder. You can still browse the book’s files from the menu, if ever it is necessary.

How tiring it was to type the paths to files when editing a link or the table of contents. Thanks to auto-completion, you can now swiftly reference files and articles in your book.

Screenshot: Auto-completion

Task lists

The new editor supports Markdown/GitHub task-lists, Type - [ ] to insert one. Task lists are not yet supported in the generated website, but you’ll not have to wait long for it ;)

Stability, performances

We put a lot of work into improving performances, reducing bug occurrences, and closing the gap between what you see in the Editor and what is published on

How to get it?

You can grab the new release through the auto-updater on Windows and Mac; or download it for Linux. The Web version is already live on for all of our users.

What’s next?

We are working on improving performances and reliability of the application. The future version will close the gap between and the desktop editor, providing a more unified experience.

Thanks for your continued feedback and support!

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