GitBook 2.0.0 beta: Almost Ready!

GitBook 2.0.0 is maturing, transitioning from alpha to beta and will soon become the new stable. Featuring large improvements, bug fixes and a fair share of shiny new features !

A month ago, the alpha release introduced new features and improvements such as: Content references, Templating, AsciiDoc Support, better Internalization support (thanks to translations contributed by the community !) and others …

Our previous blog article discussed the big changes coming with the 2.0.0 release, check it out or the ChangeLog on GitHub for a deeper understanding of the specifc changes to come.

Today we’re releasing GitBook 2.0.0 as beta release, improving quality, stability and performance over the alpha, we’re not far from it becoming stable. In fact, will switch to GitBook 2.0.0 as the default builder starting March 24.

Most books, if not all, will benefit of the 2.0.0. release without any breaking changes. If you want to check for any breaking changes or take the 2.0.0 release for a spin: simply switch the builder in the your book’s settings:

Setup buidler 2.0.0

I hope you will appreciate the hard work that’s gone into GitBook 2.0.0, made possible thanks to the great feedback and input provided by our authors.

We’ll keep you updated, in the meantime good luck with your GitBook !

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