Introducing WebEditor v2: Better, Faster and AsciiDoc

The Editor is a critical part of an author’s workflow. Today we’re releasing our editor’s v2, with new features and fixes we hope will make you love writing with GitBook !

GitBook WebEditor screenshot

AsciiDoc Support

Just a few weeks ago, GitBook’s 2.0.0 release introduced AsciiDoc support, we’re proud to announce that new web-editor has beautiful AsciiDoc support !

Screenshot of AsciiDoc preview

Better Performance

We have moved a lot of computationally intensive tasks to workers, such as spellchecking and previewing, freeing up the main thread resulting in a more fluid and pleasant writing experience.

New Dictionaries: French, Italian, Spanish and German

GitBook’s authors form a global community, with writers from all continents, Asia, Europe, …, to offer a better experience to those international authors we’re extending our spellcheck support. Support for french, italian, spanish and german is now built-in.

Easy access to history

One of the great advantages of using Git, is that you never have to worry about losing your work or changes, everything is logged into your history. The editor now provides a quick and convenient means to access the history, useful for checking out your collaborators recent changes or recovering content.

Screenshot of webeditor history

Other improvements

This version includes many smaller improvements and bugfixes, such as: Drag and drop to upload or insert images, etc…

We hope you’ll enjoy these new features and improvements. We would love to hear what you think. If there are features or fixes you would like to see, please contact us :)

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