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The net result is a design that typically has better responsibility allocation with more numerous, smaller functions that act on arguments passed into them, rather than referencing mutable member variables. There will be fewer defects, and furthermore they will often be simpler to debug, because it is easier to locate where a rogue value is introduced in these designs than to otherwise deduce the particular context that results in an erroneous assignment. This adds up to a much higher degree of referential transparency, and positively nothing will get these ideas as deeply into your bones as learning a functional programming language, where this model of computation is the norm.

Apply Functional Programming Principles (Edit this file)

The net result: 最终的结果; responsibility allocation: 责任分配; numerous: 更多; rogue: 流氓; deduce: 推断; an erroneous assignment: 错误分配; norm: 常态.

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