This is QUIC

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This is QUIC

This book effort was started for real in March 2018. The plan is to document the QUIC protocol. Why, how it works, protocol details, the implementations and more.

The book is entirely free at no cost and is meant to be a collaborative effort involving anyone and everyone who wants to help out!


A reader of this book is presumed to have a basic understanding of TCP/IP networking, the fundmentals of HTTP and the web. For further insights and specifics about HTTP/2 we recommend first reading up the details in http2 explained.


This book is created and the work is started by Daniel Stenberg.


The best "home page" for this book at the moment is the github project page!


Feel free to "grab" a whole section and write it for us.

If you find mistakes, omissions, errors or blatant lies in this document, please send us a refreshed version of the affected paragraph and we will make amended versions. We will give proper credits to everyone who helps out! I hope to make this document better over time.

Preferably, you submit errors or pull requests on the book's github page.


This document and all its contents are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license.