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Hongbo Miao (@hongbo-miao) started discussion #38

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Just add a big thank you!

Thank you for your work! Best TypeScript 2 detailed explanation!

Basarat Ali Syed @basarat commented 2 years ago

thank you 🌹

Adrián Rubio @adrxx commented 2 years ago

This is exactly what I needed! ❤️

Kory Taborn @brutalsimplicity commented 2 years ago

Signed up for GitBook just to say Thank you.

Rod Landaeta @rodrigoelp commented a year ago

I have been around software development for quite a few years... and Javascript has been one of those things that I know how to do, never got to like it and as a result, I do it poorly. Started to take a look at typescript and was starting to feel the same way... until I got your book. Thank you, it is very well explained.

atilkan @atilkan commented a year ago

Very large thank you for your work. @basarat

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