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Bitcoin did for money what I believe Bitshares will do for business. In the very near future we will see the status quo of business operations transformed into a decentralized and trustless environment that functions more efficiently and fairly than any of the world's preceding models. My name is Max Wright, a crypto-currency author, investor, and evangelist. I wrote this book to give you a base-level understanding of how this new system will function, and how you can make it work for you. Welcome to Bitshares 101.

In this book we will discuss the future as it unfolds before our very eyes.

I am really excited about the many technological advances happening in the Bitcoin 2.0 world. While similar in many ways to Bitcoin's evolution several years ago, this next generation Blockchain technology has the potential to generate billions of dollars, even if few people know or understand what is happening right now.

Every month I see another seed-fund or VC investing tens of millions of dollars in Bitcoin related businesses. And to me, there is no surprise why.

The future lies with this technology.

Those words are familiar. In 2012 when Bitcoin cost only $11 per coin I created a video series about Bitcoin for my paid subscribers and used those very words: The future lies with this technology.

In 2013 when the price of Bitcoin was $100 per coin I transcribed was the top rated Bitcoin book for the remainder of 2013.

In November of 2013 with Bitcoin's price at an all-time high of $1100 I sensed a correction coming soon and told my paid subscribers to take profits now.

The reason I share this is not to brag or boast but because I have established a record of predicting trends in the Bitcoin world and I have another one for you.

In August of 2014,1 introduced Bitshares to my paid subscribers on a live webinar. A single Bitshare at the time was worth only 8/10's of one penny.

Today, in December of 2014, I release this book to Amazon after the price of Bitshares has more than doubled to 1.9 cents.

Once again, I think this is just the beginning of an amazing ride. Please enjoy this journey into Bitshares and join me at where I host a weekly show and podcast exploring the fascinating world of Bitshares.

The future lies with this technology.