Coding Projects with P5.js

Updated 4 months ago

The P5.js Project Book

This book introduces how to write programs using P5.js as a series of coding projects. Each chapter in the book will present a small project. Each project will highlight different concepts in programming.

We wanted to make a book that removed as many barriers to the fun parts as possible. To do this, we will be using Mozilla's Thimble editor for most of the projects in this book. All you need to start coding in a modern web browser. There is no other setup needed. In the final chapter of this book, we will do a more technical explanation of how to use p5.js without Thimble. This effectively moves what would normally be chapter one of many programming books (how to set up your development environment) to the last chapter. If you find this awkward and prefer a more traditional book, you can checkout our other p5.js book.

In each chapter, the book will present one small project. Each project will have a goal (Either an image or a video of a working solution). This will is followed by a link to a thimble project remix that provides some starter code and instructions.

Inside the thimble project you will be able to find full instructions on how to do the project. To access these instructions hit the link labeled Tutorial at the top of the thimble page or select tutorial.html from the file browser. To see your work in process, hit preview. The following image is a quick reference for navigating through your project.:

You may also find the following introduction video from by Mozilla useful:

Video link