Advanced App Inventor Sushi

Updated 4 months ago

  1. What's covered:
    • How to use Layout Arrangements
    • How to add images
    • How to get a user's location
    • How to show and hide elements
    • How to wait for lengths of times
    • How to save and retrieve online data with other users
    • How to communicate with other apps
  2. Before you start, you will need an App Inventor Account. You can use the one in the Beginner App Inventor Sushi. If you haven't done that Sushi you can follow it here:
  3. You may need help from a mentor for this step! If you have an emulator or devices from the Beginner App Inventor Sushi setup (or a Dojo device), awesome! If not, follow the appropriate links and use the App Inventor team's instructions for your device or emulator.
  4. Brilliant! If you done all that you’re now ready to make a Litter Bin finder!
  5. Go to the App Inventor website and click on “Start new project”, name it “Litter Bin Finder” and you are ready to go.