Beginner Python Sushi

Updated 6 months ago

  1. You're going to learn programming and how to build a game with a language called Python.

    Did you know?

    Websites like YouTube and Instagram are built using Python.

    Before you can start coding, you'll need to setup your computer to write Python. You'll need to have Python and a text editor installed, and know how to run a Python program.

  2. To install Python, go to and click on the Download Python 3 button. There will be some other numbers after the 3, but they change too often for me to include them. Don't worry about them.

    Once the installer has downloaded, start it and click through it, accepting the default choices.

  3. Now you need to get a text editor, to write your Python in. We recommend Atom, which you can download from, but you can use another editor if you're more familiar with it. Or just like it better.

  4. Once you have both of these setup, you're ready to go. You just need to make sure that everything is working and that you know how to run a Python program. Follow these steps:

    • Make a new folder for your Python Sushi Cards projects.
    • Open your text editor and create a new file. Save it into the folder you just made and call it
    • Open the command line on your computer (called command prompt on Windows and Terminal on Mac) and navigate to your folder using the cd command.
    • Once you've opened your folder in the command line, you're ready to try running this blank file with this command, entered into the command line:
      If this has worked, you shouldn't see any messages when you run the command.

      Running a program

      In later cards, you'll be asked to run a program.
      What that means is what you've just done: getting to the folder that has the program file in it and using the python3 command and its name to make the program do its thing!