What to do when MSN Email Address No longer exists?

Updated a year ago

What to do when MSN Email Address No longer exists?

At the moment, MSN is the second largest web-based email service in the entire world; it is no doubt to everyone. It is secure and user-friendly email service which is available without any charge. A customer can login to their MSN account by email id and password. The Password should be 8 characters with a-z, numbers, symbol and unique.

However, you are accessing to your MSN mail account with your complete details but now you will receive the message your MSN account doesn’t exist. We understand this time customer feel very bad because they can’t use to their MSN account for sometimes or permanently. Microsoft says to type a diverse email id or get a fresh MSN account. They can’t send you forgotten account details, if you are frustrating related this issue then you can contact to Phone Number for MSN Customer Support experts, they can give you instant respond for your query.

Use to following instruction which will help out to customers

Are you typing right MSN account name?

Make sure users are not typing right spelling of the name of account. Confirm character of password, number or you was using any symbol or special character in your account name.

What you was using an account name from a different type of account?

Customer can sign in to your MSN account with an email address, phone number, Skype ID.

Is you have forgotten your MSN account name?

If you are using to your MSN account from a long time, then a number of customer face common happen to account like forget account name. The mains reason behind this problem, customer is busy or they have created numerous account of email service that cause he have forgotten their account password. Anybody can choose methods of search out account points:

1.Make sure other email accounts you use frequently for emails from MSN about your account.

2.When a customer use an Xbox, the search email id.

3.Simple way call to your friends which know your email id when you sent any emails to your friends.

What your MSN account has been closed or deleted?

Check your account has been deleted or closed in this case customer can’t be recovered to their MSN account.