How to sell Downloadable product with Easy digital Download

Updated 10 months ago

How to sell Downloadable product with Easy Digital Download

Online marketplace or e-commerce is now considered as an easy to access products from multiple places very easily. You can buy any goods from your home, workplace or anywhere. Not only physical goods you also can purchase digital product.

If you want to sale digital goods such as PDF books, software, music, movies, premium digital stuff e.g. photo, template many things. For WordPress users there is so many plugins available for you. But here I will give you about a plugin named easy digital downloads. They have lots of premium add-ons, payment gateways available for. Go on checkout those.

You can install this plugin from WordPress plugin repository.

After installing and activating the plugin in your wp-admin panel you will see "Downloads" menu. Click to add new.

You can add your downloadable product like any posts in WordPress. You can add title, description, category, tags and preview image.

Under the description area you will see the pricing options.

You can add your product price here. This has also variable pricing options. If you have multiple licence option, like single site, upto 5 site, and unlimited site licence.

After the configuration the section will look like this.

You can enable muti-option purchase mode.

Next step to add your downloadable file in the Download Files section

You can assign multiple files for the pricing options your created before. Click the add new file and upload your files and assign the pricing option. Click save and now your product is ready for sale.

In the front-end the product will look like this in the default twenty seventeen theme.

But there is one more important thing to do before the selling process. That is you need to pickup and choose a suitable payment gateways for you.

Easy digital download has multiple payment options, you can check this on their addons. Lots of extensions are available. Some are free and some are paid.

Payment Options

For setting the payment options you can find the link in Downloads > Settings

Click on Payment Gateways and you will see the payment gateway tabs with its settings and configuration like the below screenshot.

There two types of mode you can configure from this sections:

  • Test Mode
  • Live Mode

For testing purpose before going live on sales test mode is all you need before check everything work in perfect.

By default Easy digital downloads offer PayPal Standard Payment, Amazon. But you can also pick other options available in your country.

For the test mode you will need a sandbox account for your store.

Tax Settings

You can fully manage your tax with sales very easily with the Taxes tab. You can restrict the taxes by country, state.

Price calculation with taxes options are two type

  • Inclusive price
  • Exclusive price

Both options are there for you. You need to pickup what you want.

Discount codes

Sometimes you want to offer your customer with some seasonal occasion discount. It will help you to get more sales and customer into your e-commerce site. There is a Discount menu in the Downloads menu.

You can offer percentage or flat discount into your product. This has so many options exclude product from discount. Set offer timeline, single use or multiple use and so on.


Here I assume you got the idea about what Easy digital downloads stands for. There is lot more features available in this plugin and all the extension. You will need to find your perfect one for organize your online digital store. Go ahed try this Awesome plugin.