Computational Fluid Dynamics

Updated 2 years ago

Computational Fluid Dynamics

CFD represents generically computing fluid dynamics. This covers all methods used to predict flow behavior, heat transfer, chemical reactions, etc. Basically CFD can solve any fluid dynamics phenomenon, but it doesn't end here. It solves also electromagnetism and financial calculations.

The most renowned method for CFD is the finite volume method. All big players in CFD industry use this method: ANSYS, cd-adapco and OpenFOAM.

Other methods can solve the fluid dynamics: finite difference, spectral volume and finite element. In the last years mesh-free methods became popular, but in this industry it takes time to change things.

This book tries to fill the gap between the theory and the application sides of CFD. It seems to me that after all these years of CFD history, this engineering branch is still hard to get into.

What I find most frustrating is the false general opinion that one needs to have a PhD in CFD to be a good CFD-er. This cannot be further from the truth. In this book I will break fluid dynamics in small chunks and explain everything as simple as possible.

This book is for engineers and students alike. If you want me to explain a specific topic or to show a specific type of analysis, create a discussion in the book.

Thanks for reading me and don't forget: continuous learning is the key to success!