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Normally, updating content means replacing a file - for instance, if I update a blog post, then people will see the edited file, and not the new one. However, with IPFS, both verisons of the file will be accessible in the network. It's not a matter of replacing: you add the new one, too. This raises the question: how do we actually update our links, so that people will see the new version of a file? They can't go to the file's location, because IPFS locates files by looking for their hashes (that's what content-addressed means). So, you need to have a way of pointing people to the new hash easily.

Tutorial: Publishing Changes on the Permanent Web (Edit this file)

Correction: "people will see the edited file, and not the old one."

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Matt Zumwalt @flyingzumwalt commented 3 years ago

Thanks for catching that. Do you want to submit a Pull Request on the github repo at ? If not, I can apply it for you.

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