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Glossary would be needed

I'm new to IPFS and the tutorials, documents I found can get consfusing, because there are many new definitions I haven't met before.

I collected a few, I would be grateful if someone more experienced could write up a small glossary.

IPFS, IPNS, DAG, pin, trickle, hash calculation, file/directory identifiers and their format, bitswap, block, DHT, filestore, IPFS object, pubsub, repo

Tutorials about

  • publishing a file or directory
  • searching in the public file system
  • downloading a file with a particular hash
  • versioning of files/directories
  • an example scenario about publishing a movie, then addig it in different formats/resolutions, adding and updating subtitles for it for different languages, adding alternative audio track, etc.
  • how anonymous the network is (can I have a private repo with my e-mail to contact me, or can I add files to a global store/directory of files anonymously?)
  • is there any intersection between IPFS and cryptocurrencies, can I receive donations for my published work (book, article or digital painting)

Explanation about the method which guaranties that a file is accessible even if some nodes go down.

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