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You can use the command line to request content from your IPFS node. If the node does not have a copy of that content, it will attempt to find another peer node that does have the content. For example, the IPFS team have published a snapshot of the turkish version of wikipedia. The hash of that snapshot, which contains about 15GB of Turkish-language wikipedia pages, is Qme2sLfe9ZMdiuWsEtajWMDzx6B7VbjzpSC2VWhtB6GoB1. We can use the command line to have your IPFS node read pages from that snapshot.

Lesson: Retrieve content from a Peer (Edit this file)

I have weird problems, ipfs cat hash doesnt work on my local node. but when trying to access the wiki from the browser by it works. any idea why?

I get error: Error: no link named "wiki" under Qme2sLfe9ZMdiuWsEtajWMDzx6B7VbjzpSC2VWhtB6GoB1

Matt Zumwalt @flyingzumwalt commented 2 years ago

Hi @kristjangrm. Thanks for trying out the primer. The best place to ask for help is -- very few people watch this account.

If you re-post your question on, please provide the exact text of what you're passing into `ipfs cat` and the exact error message. That will make it easier for us to help you troubleshoot.

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