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WebGL & WebXR

Hi Cody, it would be great to see a section on learning WebGL.

3D has been a huge thing for a while now and ever more with 2018 now it's going to be a big topic that beginners are asking more and more often.

I don't have any bookmarks on WebGL learnings at the moment. But I'd recommend pivoting them towards 3D fundamentals and Three.js tutorials/examples first.

WebGL itself is a low-level API and tutorials for that should probably be left for the end of the list for expert/advanced. ( - WebGL by Example has a great series of introduction to each part of WebGL, but again, it's advanced low-level stuff)

There's also WebVR (or the WebXR specification formerly known as WebVR), which is going to be a topic for beginners mid-2018 and 2019 as well once browser support, attention and mindshare is creating demand for jobs and placing a burden on developers to upskill.

There doesn't seem to be an edit button, but wanted to add to the list.

Cody Lindley @codylindley commented a year ago

Would you consider a PR?

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