Magic - constructed decks

Updated 2 years ago

CardForge constructed user decks

This repository contains some of the decks I have constructed and/or played in either paper form or digitally for Magic: the Gathering.


  • decks named arti-* are based on the deck named arti, which is an artifact-only deck.
    • arti, is at the moment not Modern legal, due to the use of Sol Ring
    • arti-mox is not even vintage or legacy legal as Mox usage is not following restricted rules
  • strength is a deck used to fulfill an achievement in forge at mythic level. it is based around Primordial Hydra, which could also be replaced with Heroe's Bane. But with bane you need to pay for the doubling of +1/+1 counters.
  • 'March of Empires' is a token-heavy deck based on 'March of the Multitudes' Modern Event deck. In this deck it is mostly about soldiers.