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All configurations are stored as JSON in a file named book.json.

Configuration (Edit this file)

there is no full documentation of the configuration. some fields are missing: link, generator... even some fields' are not documented with every possible value.

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Sarus @sarus commented 4 years ago

Agreed that the documentation on the configurations is sorely lacking. I'm spending tons of time looking through source and browsing github issues to try and figure out how to configure things.

Ravel da Costa Melo @ravelmello commented 4 years ago

There is a lack of information on the same settings, it is one of my biggest waste of time when it comes to using the tool.

Samy Pessé @samypesse commented 4 years agoadmin

With the next version of GitBook (, we'll have an updated documentation, versioned for each GitBook versions.

Ravel da Costa Melo @ravelmello commented 4 years ago

Great! Amazing news. Thank you!

郭英 @geekguo commented 4 years ago

I want to know how to use link

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