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Subchapters are defined simply by adding a nested list to a parent chapter.

Chapters and Subchapters (Edit this file)

Hide numbering

Is it possible to hide the numbers appearing alongside each chapter? I'm comfortable with CSS, but have found that the numbers aren't coming from an ordered list, but rather imprinted into the HTML (assuming via the build process). This is the effect I'm looking for, the sidebar on GitHub.

V字龍(Vdragon) @vdragon commented 4 years ago

Hi, I've created an issue for this problem:

Marcus Ottosson @mottosso commented 4 years ago

Since I posted this, I did actually find a way to deal with it via CSS.

.summary .chapter b {
    display: none
ticktick @ticktick commented 3 years ago

How can I show section numbers of table of contents? I can see them in gitbook Editor. However, the numbers didn't show on website.

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