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Fake democracy and dictatorship will have the same result: the looting of natural resources and the treasury, economic failure, suppression and flight of whatever remaining middle classes there are. There have been a few "gentle dictatorships" that actually promoted commerce and the middle classes. They are so rare we can consider them outliers. There was Tito's Yugoslavia, Venezuela under Chavez, perhaps China.

Chapter 3 - Faceless Societies (Edit this file)

A much better example would be pre-takeover Hong Kong. You might be harboring romantic notions about Tito and Chavez.

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Pieter Hintjens @hintjens commented 4 years ago

Good point. text changed.

Frederic Mora @fredericmora commented 4 years ago

I am sorry I wasn't more clear. Pre-takeover means Hong Kong BEFORE China took it over. It was in effect a dictatorship, but it certainly promoted prosperity. If you want to include China, you have to put a long list of qualifiers (e.g., "since the late 90s"). As for Tito and Chavez, I rest my point

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