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You can accelerate this technique by repeating the positive loop to yourself, not like a zombie, but with feeling. A 2008 study by German psychologist Dr. Fritz Strack showed that smiling actually makes you feel happier.100 He had two groups of test subjects read a series of Gary Larson's Far Side cartoons. One group was instructed to hold a pencil between their teeth without touching their lips, and one group holding the pencil between their lips, but not touching their teeth. Without realizing it, the "teeth" group had their faces contorted into smiles, while the "lips" group had their faces puckered into frowns.

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Wow! that is such an intuitive method to form a smile / frown

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When performing psychology experiments, researchers want to cause a behavior without the test subjects realizing what they are doing. Being a psychology researcher is very sneaky business.

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