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Let's translate Mind Hacking to Russian.

I like the book very much. For me it feels like thoughts of elder brother. I'm a bit new to open source community and English-Russian translations, especially the entire book. But want it to be translated to the language of Pushkin and Tolstoy.

You can find my attempt here on gitbook. Thanks for your attention.

Sir John Hargrave @jhargrave commented 4 years ago

Wow -- thank you for all the hard work! I would love to hear feedback from other Russian readers, and hope it helps many more people. Many thanks!

Pavel Marchenko @pgmarchenko commented 4 years ago

Hello, Sir John. Is it possible to get in touch with you directly(via email, skype etc) to ask questions about phrases, which meanings I can't figure out or just to get better understanding of your ideas?

Sir John Hargrave @jhargrave commented 4 years ago

Pavel: Sure, just Skype your questions to me at @sirjohnhargrave.

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