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Remove coach.me

Since you can't actually listen to the audio from coach.me, and have to surf through emails for the direct link, coach me doesn't offer anything other than a counter and frustration to new users trying to figure it out. It likely causes some people to give up on the audio segments entirely when they can't get the app to work.

Jeff Deville @jeffdeville commented 3 years ago

Sorry, I should be trying to propose solutions instead of just complaining. 😕

Perhaps the files could be organized as a podcast? Not only would it offer a built in, better UI across all platforms, but it might offer a new strategy for discoverability of the book.

As for the 'counter' feature, there are tons of options for this type of thing to fit different workflows. I've created a recurring todo in Things 3, but there are purpose-built habit trackers all over that could be recommended. Productive on iOS I remember being good, and they at least have some template tasks too. Perhaps they (or another app that offers templates) could bake them into a release, and another new marketing avenue could be explored that way?

Thanks for all of your work!

Jeff Deville @jeffdeville commented 3 years ago



I curl'd all the mp3s down, and made an audio book with itunes to sync to my phone. This app does it more elegantly.

Sir John Hargrave @jhargrave commented 3 years ago

Jeff: Thanks for the great feedback (and for providing a solution to the problem!) Do you have a link to the finished "audiobook" that you created? I'd love to hear it, and happy to share it if that's OK. Let's get some feedback from users and perhaps that can be an alternate solution for folks who can't use Coach.me.

Jeff Deville @jeffdeville commented 3 years ago
Jeff Deville @jeffdeville commented 3 years ago

Hmm, it looks like it only made the first 4 chapters. I had actually done it manually in iTunes. So I didn't realize it was not complete. If it seems useful to you though, I'll pick up the full version, and do it again. Sorry for the incomplete work.

Jeff Deville @jeffdeville commented 3 years ago

Ok, I found another program. This has all the chapters http://take.ms/e83IS

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