How to deal with Passwords

Updated 4 years ago

How to Deal with Passwords

What is this?

Developers, designers and common people have different kind of concerns when it comes to Passwords. This repo will help you to achieve what you need in this area.


This is a Gitbook from my previous work.

You are welcome to contributeto both of them.

  • Translation : All you need is basic knowledge of working with github and 2 languages(if one of them is English, I'll be more happy) to strat translating/correcting. Make sure you follow ISO 639.

  • Documents : You have to have a working knowledge of how computers work. Maybe a little Cryptography, Algorithm, etc.. Or a link to a great description(video, audio, document) about passwords.

  • A class or function in your preferred language that can be used as a perfect Password Checker.