NAH Ruleset 2017

Updated 2 years ago

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Joseph Rstom merged 11 edits into master from changes/48.

Joseph Rstom (@joerstom) opened a change request #48

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Updates for Typos, Game Misconduct, Handlebar, Mallet ID and Carrying/High Sticking

  • Misc. Typos
  • Adjusts Handlebar width from 610 to 660mm
  • Adjusts Mallet ID from 57mm to 58.5mm for 2017 (pending future change)
  • Adjusts Carrying / High Sticking for clarity and to accommodate defensive batting.
  • Adjusts Game Misconduct to 2 minutes for 2v3 instead of the entire game.
roberth @roberth commented 2 years ago

Thanks for 660mm seems like a reasonable figure to me, but you'll never please everyone.

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