Updated 5 months ago


I swore up and down I'd never write another book again. I guess I should've said I'll never write a book for a publisher again.

Knowledge should be free, after all, and while I'm in no position to say this, I'm not doing this to make money or glory. The only reason I'm calling it the Nodebotanist's Handbook is because its topic is broader than NodeBots, and I couldn't think of a better title that hadn't already been taken by a better writer.

This may coalesce into a book someday, it may rot in my GitHub with so many of my other endeavors. Only time will tell, really.

This book will be written in my prsonal voice, save for the parts where it isn't written by me, should that ever arise. I curse, I use a lot a metaphors, and I don't try to craft too strong a narrative if I find it superfluous.

So if this book is broader than NodeBots, then what is it about?

It's about my journey to become a maker, how I've learned to tap into the wealth of free information that's out there, and a guide for others to use while following their own paths.